the making of a blog

I was actually in the middle of class when I thought of a title to this blog, beyond something like "Nneoma's Blog," or some version thereof. IT had to be something that represented me and encompassed all of my interest both in the past, present, and ambitiously, the future.

So where does PyooWata fit in all this? Where do I begin?
Well "pure water" is a another word for water sold in satchets for about 10naira in Nigeria. No, I was not born in Nigeria, but like millions of others (well I would like to think that there are millions of us), I was born in the West to Nigerian immigrants. When I first traveled back to Nigeria, one thing that intrigued me was the hawking of water on the roads, corners, in front of shops everywhere.

Pure water is not nearly as "pure" as commercially bottled water. In fact, my brothers and I were warned by my mother to steer clear from this, like other dangerous activities such as eating in stranger's houses, chartering motorbike taxis (okada), playing football bare-footed - all of which we eventually did. It aims to be pure, but sometimes, depending on the vendor, the packaging could be caked in sand and it's not too difficult to find random particles floating in the water. In fact, it is probably all those different particles that gave it it's unique flavor. Hey, but it was still refreshing - just bite at the plastic and suck.

Bringing to this back to me, I think I am like this pure water, or rather "pyoo wata", in many ways. I see my one of my primary occupations right now as a becoming something pure. Right now, I am not at that state, for I am a student of many things - science, health, African affairs, art, fashion. I am also a compilation of many things - African, American, Igbo, young, old, southern, northern...and some.

True I may not be pure and maybe some of the things that I discuss may not all sync together. But just bite the plastic and suck (hey you, keep your mind out da, and I am sure you'll enjoy.


  1. Ore said...:

    Congrats on starting your blog.

    Like the name. It's different. I'm looking forward to reading your blog over the coming months.

  1. nneoma said...:

    thanks a bunch ore!

  1. trae_z said...:

    nice name concept, you're surely on the right track. welcome!

  1. nneoma said...:

    you're welcome - left a comment on your blog as well

  1. KG said...:

    Yes, I had to go to the beginning to see how it all began. Expect more commentary on your old posts as I wade through.

    Anyway, on the pure water concept: very cool. It made me laugh to remember the way it's pronounced cos that's EXACTLY how it's spelled!

    *sigh* And yes, I remember when I was flogged mercilessly for drinking one that somebody bought for me. Same experience with Gala (the sausage roll equivalent that's hawked). The look of horror on my mum's face was priceless.

  1. Ore said...:

    Wow, Nneoma, did you really start in 2007? How time flies. I've loved reading your blog and I look forward to more of your insightful posts.

  1. nneoma said...:

    @KG - thanks for stopping by - looking forward to your comments....yeah, i still think my mom would be horrified catching me with satchets of pure water...even though it is my dad who encourages us that these things dont kill. I never got into the Gala thing, though - but I am still a big fan of street cuisine.

    @Ore - my dear, thanks for the initial inspiration from 2007....yes time flies. I really need to email you one of these days to find out how you're living.