on hiatus...

i know...again....

But its crunch time and this is the time in the school year when I actually do work, so sad. So I apologize if I have not gotten back to your interesting comments so far, but will do so when things start to settle down. But for the meantime, I will still be visiting your blogs from time to time and will hold myself from posting lengthy responses...at least for now. I'm hoping that life will return to some semblance of normal in the next two weeks.

...till then


  1. SOLOMONSYDELLE said...:

    My dear, is it not book that they sent you to do? abeg, follow your book o jare!

    That is exactly what my late granny would have said to such a situation. lol! Best of luck with finals/papers and the madness of it all. Let us know when its over.

  1. good luck lovey!!!...wish i had the funds to send you a care package...although, you'd probably gain weight as it would be full of chocolate and sweets:)...knock it out and hurry back!!!...

  1. Charizard said...:

    All the best with ur exams ooo...wisdom, knowledge and understanding God will grant you...

  1. just wen am visiting 4 d first time!!!!!!

    no wahala sha. let me read ur pervious posts

    till u return

  1. Jaycee said...:

    The kid with the pyoo water on his head...I like his smile (even tho the bag is heavy). :)

    Enjoy ur hiatus...

  1. nneoma said...:

    @SSD - yeah, I hear you. But, I think the blogging is an essential part my my education...somehow. And yes, its over

    @GN - Let me know when you do have funds for a care package...my mailbox is always open.

    @For the love of me - Thanks and good luck with your dissertation!

    @Charizard - AMEN OOOOO!

    @free-flowing florida - well, I hope the previous posts did not disappoint.

    @jaycee - I wouldn't say that I enjoyed my hiatus, but still thankful. Also found your blog to be encouraging during that time.