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after much wrestling back and forth, I decided to start another blog....the nollywood critique at wordpress. I will still be here at pyoowata, but will be posting at the nollywood critique as well. if you don't know, I am a nollywood addict, and enjoy these naija films thoroughly. however, just like the rest of you, i hate spending four hours on a film and finding out it was a flop. i've been to other sites that review nollywood movies, but at times the sites can be a bit distracting with other things....what better way to review nollywood films than a blog. the nollywood critique is still in its infancy, but when you can, take some time to visit it once in a while. Leave some comments, and also propose naija films that you would like to see reviewed. I watch at least one naija film a week (seriously) and I am somewhat conversant in nollywood gossip and news, so expect the site to be updated often.


  1. Watchman said...:

    That is a great idea.
    There is so much that needs correcting in nollywood as presently constituted.
    Ride on!

  1. Ollay said...:

    Great idea...but where do you get your patience from woman? I love Nollywood drama but sometimes I just feel they make a fool of us. Well done.

  1. cool, and you beat me to it. I was going to start one,most reviews I read do not qualify for reviews,people just summmarize the films. I probably still will, but from a different angle, and that will be when I get home.
    Keep it up girl.

  1. nneoma said...:

    @watchman - thanks for the comments. will be getting back to you soon. and love your website as well.

    @ollay - my dear i have no idea. i have been disappointed so many times by nollywood but at the same time, I do see some glimmer of hope. i don't think i am the only one with the patience of nollywood, seeing that business is booming on their front.

    @for the love of me - too bad, i wish i had known that you too were interested then we could have done it together. let me know what you have in mind.

    my email address is nnwachuku at gmail dot com

  1. thanx, will send yu a mail soon. I visited thr critique blog,I didnt even know Mama G had a video.Was she the one singing though?

  1. pamela said...:


    Do you intend to get co authors? Very,VERY interested (after June of course).

  1. Naughty Eyes said...:

    Hi Nneoma! Been checking out your blogs for some time now without leaving comments. Recently got fed up with the Naija entertainment scene in general and started my own critique blog. Check it out on medianemesis.blogspot.com. Some of my firends have been too afraid to hurt my feelings by knocking it though so I think I'll need some REAL criticism. Would LOVE to contribute to nollywoodcritique too so let me know how to sigh up! One time...!

  1. trae_z said...:

    reviewing nollywood films! that' some torturous ish. good luck to you young lady. make you go come, i dey pyoo wata dey wait.

    by the wait your strong love for the roots is intriguing. you grew up in the east (donkey years) and speak the language fluently right?

  1. nneoma said...:

    @for the love of me - i am not sure if that is her voice....but i wouldn't be surprised if it was a highly edited version of her voice.

    @pamela - yes, co-authors are very welcome

    @naughtyeyes - a belated thanks for stopping by

    @trae_z - lol. nope, i grew up in the US. I try to travel at least once a year or twice if it is a good year. still working on speakign skills, but my reading and writing of Igbo is pretty okay, for now.