it seems like affirmative action... not just for black people and women anymore.

in all honesty, did anyone think the VP pick for the Democrats would be another "change" candidate?  Seems that some of the major qualifications for the veepstakes included being male, white, and significantly older than the average American.

...before I receive any hate mail, I post this in jest.


  1. anonymaus said...:

    Hey Nneoma
    This is politics and already, they are saying ,that beacuse of the defeat of Mrs Clinton.
    Senator Obama has isolated a significant swathe of democrat voters (unintentionally). That being the case, he can't afford to isolate any more would-be voters.

    I've not heard that much about Senator Biden, but political commentators give him the thumbs up. Senator Obama can now fend off the accusation that he lacks experience, because Senator Biden has more than enough experience on foreign affairs. Apparently, he's been around for more than 30 years and is a modest man, taking the train home from work every night to Delaware. Compare that to the state governors in Nigeria, that have a motorcade of expensive vehicles and outriders escorting their unworthy selves.

    I'll leave it there.

  1. Standtall said...:

    I thot the Obama would pick Hillary to deputize hmi....

  1. Parakeet said...:

    @Standtall...bad move if he had chosen Clinton. Good move for choosing Biden and anonymous put it quite right.

    This is politics, things are never what they seem!

  1. nneoma said...:

    @anonymaus - i totally see what you mean by not isolating another group of voters. From the little I know about Biden, he is overqualified for the post. And like I said I made my comments in jest...

    @standtall and parakeet - i have to agree with parakeet on this one. I'm not sure how closely you all have been following the race but Clinton came in with a lot of negatives and while liked by Democrats, she is not favored by much else. Anyway, let's not forget that the Clintons were Obama's most vicious critics. Pairing the two (or three) would not work.

    just a general comment - was anyone else scratching their head at the McCain pick like I was. I was tempted to post on it, but this blog refuses to patronise outright nonsense....

  1. pamela said...:

    I knew he was going to do what he did.

  1. SOLOMONSYDELLE said...:

    Ah, and now that McCain has picked a white mother of 5, it clearly shows that Affirmative Action works, right?


    Hope all is well.