...brother can you spare a job?

apparently, governor babatunde fashola of lagos state is hiring at his place. amongst new applicants for menial jobs such as cleaners include university degree holders and those who have recently completed their NYSC programs.

but i guess to governor fashola, the planting of trees trumps discussion of the current state of the nigerian university educational system and the future of its youth.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    tell them oh!

  1. anonymaus said...:

    This is such a big subject environment and employment all rolled into two short paragraphs.

    Employment, hmmm. Nigeria and Lagos state in particular will have a problem with this for a long time to come, as the growth in human population far outstrips the growth of the economy. This accompanied by the fact that due process is rarely followed there only compounds the situation. I read an article about one of the graduates who got a job, he was so positive about it, bless him. He has a great attitude which will take him far.

    Here is the link: http://allafrica.com/stories/

    To come to terms with employment, it should be done on a merit primarily and demographics (not contacts or some other unscrupulous methods). If two people are similarly qualified for a post and one would clearly fit the demographic of the local population then they should be considered. Nothing worse, than feeling perpetually excluded from the rest of society.

    As for population, well this is a very contentious point. The number of people streaming into Lagos will have to be restricted, and those there would need to plan to have smaller families (maybe like the US model, where each nation has a number of positions allocated to it for migrants to take, or the Saudi model for the number of pilgrims to the Hajj). The physical resources are not infinite. This shouldn't mean the the OPC (Oodua People's Congress) should take it upon themselves to cleanse Lagos of it's non-Yoruba population, not at all. The authorities should lay down transparent criteria and should be seen to follow it to the letter. That will give Lagos some breathing space, to create a far more sanitary and socially desirable environment for its residents.

    It is up to the other states of the federation and the federal government to come up with a solution to stem the flood of migrants to Lagos state, ie develop their own state capitals more.

    As for the environment, planting trees in Lagos is all well and good, but Nigerians are notorious for their disregard of the environment, it's only when the writing is on the wall they then start jumping up and down. They claim that it's poverty that is driving them, when they succeed in turning their homes into a desert, poverty is still there, what then? I wish them well.

    Here is a link you might want to read.


  1. Jaycee said...:

    *Sigh* Thanks for stressing what our leaders need to be focusing on.

    I heard Fashola is trying...at least more than some others...

  1. Standtall said...:

    I really believe this enviroment issues Fashola is focusing on is very important. Yes, education is far important and Lagos State has always being contributing thier quotas. This is a state govt and not the president of Nigeria. So he ahs to foucs on his State success, enviromental issues amongst others

    I really believe that things are getting better with different initiative I am seeing from Fashola. He is not my candidate but I so like the fact that he is thinking. I admit that he can't do everything at ones but lagos beuatification is one thing that need not be delayed anymore.

  1. anonymaus said...:

    Agreed Fashola is showing some initiative, but this shouldn't just be window dressing, he should have
    a comprehensive plan (and it should be followed through by successive administrations).

    Beautification is not really the bighting issue (no need for fountains when many don't have drinking water),


    to keep it simple initially focus on environmental cleanliness, clearing the streets of refuse, clearing the gutters, removal of animals on the roadside. They used to have a day, when neighbourhood groups would clean up their local environment, is it still in operation. People should be educated to dispose of their rubbish in bins and not dumpt it on the streets. Traders should be responsible clearing up after their day of trading.

    To remove undignified sites like this


    It should also be remembered that by removing stagnant water that removes breeding sites for mosquitoes, which will reduce the incidence of malaria and dengue fever etc.

    That is just on the domestic front, then to call the polluting industries to order, no more dumping of their hazardous waste in the bush or in rivers or swamps. Putting a stop to the importation of E-waste once and for all. The task is enormous, but nothing less than enormous effort will suffice.

  1. nneoma said...:

    @geisha.song - unfortunately, i have only this blog to voice my opinions....and i have a very strong feeling that there are no nigerian governors that frequent this blog.

    @anonymaus - wow, that was a long comment. the first link you gave me was on bakassi, can you try and resend the link. in regards the merit, i think that yes that may work, but i believe the root of the matter is that the nigerian university system put all at a disadvantage - the bright, the not-so-bright, etc. as for demographics - that is another story for another day.
    As for the explosive population growth that has taken place all over Nigeria for some decades now, I don't think immigration-style policies that are applied to sovereign nations would necessarily be feasible on a state or city level....or who knows? I think this is where family planning and time will have to come in. As for my thoughts on the environment - i will comment on that in a later post.

  1. nneoma said...:

    @jaycee - you are right i guess....though i think that the governor should have some concern over what is going on under his own roof. I am not saying that he should not employ the graduate (for I am sure they are grateful for whatever employment), but i think he should do something in the way of at least acknowledging that this is not the most desirable of situations....in fact, he can try and find the graduates a "befitting" job, even if it is just for the photo op.

    @standtall - I was itching to put a caveat at the end of my post stating that I am very pro-environment and that I do not mean to disparage beautification efforts and preserving the environment. However, I guess for more, should i say, theatrical effects, I left it alone. I should have known that environment, would present a concern for at least some of my readers, as it concerns me as well. The environment is of grave concern to all regions of Nigeria - whether it is desertification in the North, soil erosion in the south east or the effects of overcrowding in the west. for you standtall, and for the sake of my other readers, I will in the future, put up a post on my opinions on the environment and Nigeria.

  1. anonymaus said...:

    Hi Nneoma,
    Here is the link

    I re-tried the link and it talks about the graduates getting jobs as cleaners.

    The Chinese adopted migration policies for Hong Kong and Beijing, to stop the place from being overwhelmed by migrants from the regions. To prevent those cities from becoming dives. I do hope that they address the population issue, sooner rather than later.

    I also look forward reading your views on the environment. It's rare to see Nigerians caring about clean and sanitary environment.

    Nigeria is not the only place where graduates have to take menial jobs, (at least initially). It happens in England.

  1. Pyoo wata, you've hit the point. This is a delightful blog to read.

  1. Rita said...:

    I hope Nigeria takes time out to reflect on the fact that there are no jobs for graduates... leaving them to apply for menial jobs. I really pray the Nigerian educational system (and what happens after) will be at the forefront of the minds of our leaders.

    You have very nice topics on your blogs. My first time here and I enjoyed the posts I read.

  1. Afolabi said...:

    I'm studying for a degree in Environmental Science (no need to get shocked; doing it as a pre-med sch major) and if I came back to Lagos, Nig., and decided to practice, would I now work for Fashola planting trees around?Well, if they're really sincere about it, they should set up Environment Conservation groups and organisations, and also not forget to address the issues you have mentioned.

  1. SOLOMONSYDELLE said...:

    Hmm, I see your point, however, I see things a little differently. From my understanding of the educational system in Nigeria, there is very little fasola can do about it. The federal system requires Lagos State, like every other state, to send a significant amount of state income to the federal government. that money is then redistributed according to a formula that is now archaic and foolhardy.

    Basically, even if Fasola had money to invest in universities within Lagos state, he would have to send that money to Abuja first and Abuja (to some extent) determines whether or not such investment is possible.

    I offer this information just to help balance the view that Fasola is doing little but planting trees. According to all reports (media and individual) the fasola administration is working on Lagos state infrastructure, planning the creation of homes on the water to help make up for the deficit in living accommodations, has finalized plans to build oil refineries in Lagos state, so that our black gold is no longer sent to the west for processing only to then be sold back to us at high prices, has created a new transit system which has been relatively successful but could use some work and is pushing to beautify the 'Center of Excellence' with lighting on roads, and flowers and trees. I have to commend him for what he has done in just over a year of power. He was recently ranked as one of the nation's best governors. There is much more to be done, and we shall all watch him to ensure that he continues to produce on the promises he made to Lagosians.

    And as for the jobs he is offering in the governor's mansion, considering the dilapidated state of unemployment in Lagos and in Nigeria, could it not be a good thing that he is even trying to offer jobs (of whatever sort) to NYSC grads and other diploma holders? I believe that in addition to the other things he is doing in Lagos, there should be incentives created to get employers to hire more of our graduates, especially those who graduate from Lagosian institutions of higher learning.

    But, I believe it is better to have A JOB than NO JOB at all. And would only encourage fasola that as soon as possible, the Lagos state government should begin to hire our graduates (regardless of sex of tribe, may I add) into serious jobs with a possibility for a future career either with local government or private business. If the federal government is planning to hire new civil servants, then Lagos should get on board. And yes, fasola should use his weight (of which he has much) to do everything within his might that Lagosian schools meet certain standards that will improve the chances of our graduates getting jobs and being able to compete in a global market.

    Anyway, as usual, a great post and that pic of fasola bending down in his agbada is priceless, I wonder which one of his staff had to wash the dirt off, because we know he didn't. =)

  1. Dotun said...:

    I'm no fashola fan, but i suppose as a governor, he should be multi-tasking. plant trees, hire and fire people (not through the police sha), maintain peace and deliver good service. whether one trumps the other, is a question of his political promises and manifesto to the people and why the people voted for him (Ive forgotten that wew rigged the election).
    anyway, the point is that....he needs to do all including settling the area boys (and their fathers) to be a governor, he is not just an employer for God's sake

  1. SOLOMONSYDELLE said...:

    hey you, this is my 3rd time here looking for a fix, lol!