Edikan..."child witch" film premieres in Lagos

As some of you may already know, I am a huge Nollywood fan and have been in the business of collecting and watching these films since time immemorial... If you don't know, any time you see the name "Isong" attached to a film, expect a well-produced film. Time and time again, I have been simply dazzled by Emem Isong films.

Just as of today, I learned of another Isong in the film industry, Uduak Isong Oguamanam, the mind behind the blog, Artsville. With Desmond Elliot as director, she and Emem Isong co-produced the "nocumentary,***" Edikan, a film highlighting the ills of the "child witch" phenomenon in Akwa Ibom. The film premieres Friday, July 17th at Terra Culture by 5:30pm. The film "attempts to enlighten the parents of affected children who are themselves victims of the greed and wickedness of some fake pastors. ..." I can't imagine that the film will be anything less than amazing and kudos to the director and producers for highlighting such an important issue in a format that I am sure is accessible to the Nigerian audience. Hoping that the film will soon cross the Atlantic for my...I mean, our...viewing as well...(hint, hint...).

Below is a youtube preview of the film (Uduak, hope you don't mind)...

***Nocumentary = Nollywood meets documentary


  1. yinkuslolo said...:

    I haven't watched Nigerian films in a while, the film shud be interesting and I see that Desmond Elliot directed it

  1. Artsville said...:

    Awwwww, Thanks for this, Emem will be over the moon to find that someone as cool as you is a fan.
    The movie should be showing in the states at Dearbon on the 15th of July. Will facebook you more info.

    Thanks again and for your huge support of Nollywood. You and other fans are the ones keeping us going.