on being african-american

Note this is largely a "re-post" (like a re-tweet) from the latest of the MIMI Magazine blog.

the question most new, first-and-otherwise generation Africans/Caribbeans in America grapple with on several occasion. Documentary, the Neo African Americans seeks to debate the answers. Trailer and website can be found here.

Posted on this issue some time ago and the comments section generated some interesting debate.
the measure of blackness
on akata-ism
race before gender, gender before race

Beyond that, there are other Nigerian bloggers to tackle the meaning of being black and foreign in the United States. (Okay admittedly, I was only able to find one other blogger, but if you know of other similar discussion threads, let me know.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hi - Just came across your blog and am enjoying going over your "back catalogue"! I'm also of Nigerian descent born in the US, but currently live in Europe.

    I thought I'd mention some Nigerians/Africans in England discuss this topic under a blog called the afrobeat. Not certain if it's still functional...there's also an "afropolitan" movement coined by a blogger (forgot whom) and covered in an article in Arise magazine about folks born outside Africa and have lived in multiple non-African/western states, but still maintain cultural links w/ an African country.