please...put a quick end to "iwuruwuru" now...

Recently found this letter to INEC (Independent National Election Committee), written by Executive Director of Paradigm Initiative, 'Gbenga Sesan. Voices some of the frustrations I have with the commission. If there is task that Nigeria should confront immediately, as in tommorow, it would be the sacking of Professor Maurice Iwu, the illegally appointed INEC chairman. You may remember him from 2007 when he ochestrated the last err...elections that brought him to Yar'adua to the throne. He then had the audacity to suggest, following the Obama election, that America should learn from his handling of the Nigerian election.

Aspiring 2011 candidates should come together with like-minded organisations to speak on behalf of themselves and people against the continuation of Iwu's term. INEC cannot even begin to claim independence while working in concert with Iwu's scheming. Nigeria will never be able to enjoy the fruits of a free and fair election while Iwuruwuru electioneering remains alive and well.


  1. HYAW said...:

    iwuruwuru is a nice name for him. i wonder how someone cold lead such a shameful life yet be bold to show his face in public. i wonder how his children say 'i am iwu's daughter'

  1. nneoma said...:

    @HYAW -"i wonder how his children say 'i am iwu's daughter'"
    the same way Abacha's son says he wants to run for governorship...

  1. HYAW said...:

    True dear, and terrible!