Now this is how you give an ultimatum...

Nigerian National Assembly, take note.

US Official Apologizes for Joke About Gadhafi

"A senior State Department official said Tuesday he's sorry for a joking remark he made about Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi that prompted Libya to threaten diplomatic retaliation unless he apologized.Chief department spokesman P.J. Crowley said he regretted any offense caused by his response to a reporter's question about Gadhafi's recent call for a holy war against Switzerland. Libya said last week it might take action against American business interests there if a formal apology was not made."

...for want of mad men...


  1. Don Thieme said...:

    There is a difference in that both Nigeria and Libya have oil whereas the United States does not any more. So our U.S. diplomats have to apologize for offending foreign demagogues from countries that have oil. The rules are a bit different for the diplomats and demagogues who themselves come from countries that do have oil.

  1. FFF said...:

    eh! naija, abeg no take note o. we no do nothing, dem enter us for terrorist interest grp. wen we come issue ultimatum like dat nko?? thing is, unless nigeria stops being dependent on d crumbs dat falls from US table, we no fit get mouth to shout. So, first of all, we gazta take care of our business!

  1. Let them keep fooling themselves. They don't know we are getting wiser.

  1. Ghadaffi is indeed a mad man. It was only a few months ago that when he lost re-election to be president of the African Union that he started making noise and calling himself the king of Africa. Truly mad! lol

  1. Artsville said...:

    Of course they would apologise, they know Ghadaffi means business where our leaders.... let me not even go there.

  1. nne said...:

    Yeah, he is a bit of a mad man...i guess the US is treating him like you would any mad person - very carefully and proceeding with much caution
    ....Akula!...O wu onye ara....(i'm guessing the truly old school would remember this song)