in search of mediocrity

I believe that by now, you realize that my views tend to be somewhat leftist (if you have not realized it yet, give me a few more weeks to prove it). Naturally, on November 2008, I will be voting Democrat. The issue now is which Democrat. None amongst the Democratic line-up really tickles my fancy, except, perhaps, Brother Kucinich (I tend to be a fan of the underdog in everything). But seriously, I still waver between Obama and Clinton, depending on my mood that week.

Few nights ago, I happened to catch the Republican YouTube debates in which the candidates were fielded questions other than the ones that really matter - education and healthcare. But of course, they voiced out their opinions on the war in Iraq (I’m also a pacifist by the way), torture, civil liberties - all of which I found disgusting (except for McCain on torture - empathy is a great character trait).

I then started to think, you know, in light of the global disaster that was the Bush II years, even if they placed a monkey in office, life would not be so bad. I began to think the same about Yar’adua (or Yawn’adua). Considering the wonton corruption that was the OBJ years, if Yar’adua was to do absolutely nothing for the next four years and maintain some flimsy guise of transparency, he would be considered a hero. Probably, the little credit that Obasanjo gets is because he followed Abacha. I mean, c’mon, the only way to go from Abacha is up. Now that Naija has gone from worst (Abacha) to worse (Obasanjo - though this is still up for debate - we have yet to see what muck will be revealed in the next couple of years), Yar’adua only has to attain some semblance of mediocrity to be hailed a success for generations to come. The same with the upcoming US elections. Whether Huckabee, Obama, Clinton, Guiliani, McCain, etc. - they won’t have to work too hard to bring us from shambles to pre-Bush status quo….long live mediocrity!


  1. SOLOMONSYDELLE said...:

    That is definitely an interesting way of looking at these things. lol!

    I think that OBJ squandered his legacy by doing ridiculous things (too numerous to mention) and of course over-interfering in the last elections. I strongly believe that he did some good things for the country (economic initiatives) that Nigerians will likely benefit from for years.

    As for Yardy, well, what can I say. You are right, if he doesn't do much, he'll still look better than his predecessor. But, I liked the move of declaring his assets and reversing some obviously illegal moves taken by OBJ. Yet, like Ijebuman said, we have to wait for a time of crisis to see the guys true nature. Unfortunately.

    Anyway, with regards to Democrats - I will not share my thoughts but will say as a political junkie, I find the whole thing entertaining but tiring. We need to get to Nov. 2008 already so some of the nonsense can end. You should visit Kafo's blog - she has a great take on US Pres. politics and you might enjoy her wit.

    Take care and welcome to blogville!

  1. Misan said...:

    You're absolutely right, hard to go anywhere but up with the mediocre leadership we've dealt with the past couple of decades (on the Naija side). In my twenties, I'm already jaded by the long list of flaws in the system that allows such selfish leadership to thrive, and have decided to focus more on the followership part (where i can at least have more of an immediate impact).