tag...I'm it!

So I've been tagged by Ore...what a milestone especially for the end of a great year. So I guess the point is to reveal 7 weird (not necessarily weird, but interesting) things about me....I'll try my best. Sorry for getting this so late. And Happy Happy New Year to all and I hope all of your New Year's Resolutions come true (like mine which is to lay off stripes and flared jeans, oh, and of course other more serious ones)

1. In response to Ore's first point, I don't like driving....at all. In fact, I don't drive. I either use my feet, take a bike (an ostentatious green and white one) or take public transport - and I enjoy all three - thoroughly.

2. I make jewelry from time to time - that is when I have time. Just some beading stuff. I like beaded jewelry alot, so I used to buy the cheap ones, in quantum - but they kept on breaking. So I figured that if I want to be cheap, I should try and salvage them rather than buy new ones. Now my latest project is to learn how to sew (inspired by my dearest).

3. I hate going to the mall, unless I am amongst really good company so that I may forget that I am in the mall. I also hate shopping online too. I rather plan to go to one store stay there and pick what I want and leave. Too many choices annoy me (especially when I have neither the money nor the time).

4. I have a pet dog and before this I used to be mortally afraid of them. This one is a pretty small one so it's no biggie. My only other pet before this one (besides the turtle we picked up from the park one day - I was seven) was a hamster. I was five then, and this hamster came to an untimely end when I decided that it was looking kind of dirty and needed a bath. I filled up the bathtub and allowed it to swim. I thought it was having fun in the tub until it stopped moving.

5. I used to wear my hair relatively short and natural until last year (2006) when I decided to relax. I am still regretting that decision.

6. I'd prefer to watch a Nollywood flick any day over an American film. My favorite actresses/actors include Bob-Manuel Udokwu, Rita Dominic, and Dakore Egbuson. My brother and I are the Siskel and Ebert of Naija films - seriously, try us.

7. My favorite food is pounded yam with egusi soup - and when I say egusi soup, I mean heavy on the egusi. The the thicker the better (which is actually quite strange, seeing that my second favorite soup is watery - ofe oziza).

So onto the next victims - I tag solomonsydelle, trae_z, femme, KreativeMix (aka SaLonePikin), and Jeremy Weate.


  1. KreativeMix said...:

    AWesome Meme!! Happy New Year chica. HOpe all your wonderful dreams come true. Thanks for tagging me (my second time in a month....lol). I posted my meme. Have a great week :-)

  1. SOLOMONSYDELLE said...:

    Hahaha! You are trying to lay of the stripes? Good luck! Well, I was tagged a while back and did the meme at my other blog - solomonsydelle.blogspot.com.

    Go check it out when you have the time and Happy New Year!

  1. Ore said...:

    Thanks for doing it, Nneoma. I don't really enjoy shopping much either. I tend to see it as something that has to be done. I love shopping online though.

    Happy New Year!!!

  1. Comrade said...:

    "I'd prefer to watch a Nollywood flick any day over an American film" Quite a paradox, some Nigerians at home would rather die than watch a Nigerian home video, while those abroad seem to love it. This explains why Nigerian actors/actresses endlessly travel out. I guess they get more love out there

  1. nneoma said...:

    oh, and in response to comrade's comment, i think one of the reason why naija movies do so well in the US is because of a 24/7 electric supply. i mean seriously, have you tried to go thru parts 1-gazzilion of a nigerian movie. it takes forever. do you know how much diesel fuel on the gen one could burn trying to thru and entire Nigerian film - lots. i'm sure if NEPA or Obasanjo's disguised NEPA, Power Holdings whatever, could get their act together, you would probably see increased patronage of naija films...

  1. nneoma said...:

    in response to solomonsydelle, yeah, I have broken the resolution on flared jeans - they are so much cheaper these days than the skinny ones. i'm trying to learn how to sew, so one day I will be able to remove the flare. for now, i just try to hide the flared part under some long boots.and stripes are ugly. period. not to mention, that they make one look bigger than they really are...ok, that's enough about my weak fashion sense

  1. Nneoma,I am reading all your posts one after the other. I too, I am a Nollywood fanoo. And I dont think its because of Nepa that Nigerians claim not to watch home videos,It's almost a thing of pride over here to say 'i dont watch home videos' but believe me they do, thats why the marketers are cleaning out, if you want to know, go to one of those 'tush' salons in surulere or V.I or any salon at that, where they show homevideos you'd see how these people are glued, and I dont mean the hairdressers.
    Once I was standing with a very popular Nigerian actress at the airport and some girl walked up to her and said 'you look very familiar, are you an actress? I don't watch home videos thats why I am not sure'
    We just quietly moved away as we didnt understand her point.