mosquitoes are soooo hot right now...

apparently, mosquitoes are not just for the poor anymore (or those unfortunate souls caught in Connecticut boonies during the me).

Bill Gates, speaking at the TED2009 conference, desired to make this plain to his audience by releasing 150 (who counted?) malaria free, though hungry, mosquitoes on his audience.

The stunt is cute, but what is even better is his commitment towards funding efforts to find a malaria vaccine to prevent related deaths in the future. For more on the "ideas worth spreading" being discussed at TED, check out their website for streaming coverage (and links to live bloggers at the conference).
thanks mommy for the link...


  1. Obla yoo said...:

    Maybe he should have taken it a step further and brought along some malaria infested mosquitoes. Nothing like the threat or reality of malaria to light fire under some smart research....ehem.....people.

    I wonder if people would sue him if he did that or if his research $$ will smooth ruffled feathers?

  1. For the purpose of research, malaria infested mosquito should have being used (lol)

  1. nneoma said...:

    @Obla yoo and StandTall - I like the way you two think...