why the victims remain just that....


Few months ago, the world was abuzz with the outing of the heinous crimes occurring against mere children deemed as witches in Akwa Ibom. For more on this subject click here. I think it was generally agreed upon that driving nails through the skulls of adolescents and young people in efforts to rid them of the devil is not the most humane route.

Fortunately, Akwa Ibom, after much international and local uproar took a stand against such acts and prosecuted perpetrators of such acts. Strangely enough, we did not hear from the federal government until now.

Our good friend failed-Transportation-minister-turned-foriegn-affairs-minister finally provided the world with the Nigerian government's reaction to the plight of these children. These children, who suffered very tangible physical and psychological bruises from their ordeals, were PAID, yes paid to admit they were tortured, reports NEXT from the Universal Periodical Review session on Nigeria. From a previous post and comments I have made on other blogs, I am sure you can tell that I am not his biggest fan (and that horrendous striped Kangol cap doesn't help matters either). However, this latest admission trumps all - it reflects his blatant disregard for the basic human rights of communities less-privileged than those he may find himself in. His statement is analogous to blaming the rape vicitm for his/her rape or rather denying those very real events. It is because of people like Chief Ojo Maduekwe, "O Gbu Umuntakiri I" of Nigeria that victims remain victims.

Under normal circumstances, Yar'adua should have him sacked as the spokesperson of Nigeria to the outside world....but then again, the case of Nigeria is not a normal circumstance.


  1. Omo Oba said...:
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  1. Omo Oba said...:

    The man is quite useless in all honesty, and I can understand your disdain for him. I really dont understand what he has gone to report on Geneva...looks like he is speaking from his arse! It is also this same man a few days ago who reported to the UN assembly that Nigeria does not have any gay people. He seems to be living in his own world. lol at the kangol cap. pls helep a sister translate: O Gbu Umuntakiri I so I can laff some more.

  1. Uzezi said...:

    u got it right, its cos of people like him that victims remain victims. how can he say those children were paid to say they were tortured?

  1. Moody Crab said...:

    That Madueke is a disappointment is an understament, and the bigger annoyance is the fact that after one too many blunders, he is still a government official.

    I find it disgustingly annoying that so-called ambassadors do nothing to repair Nigeria's damaged image but to do some more damage.

    How could a man of such intelligence (albeit questionable one at that) say such? Was there no research on this issue before the meeting in Geneva? This man should resign, honestly. Such ignorance and incompetance is mind boggling.

  1. nneoma said...:

    @Omo Oba - O gbu umuntakiri I - killer of children - I know, its a bit harsh....but honestly, these remarks did more than just irk me - so repulsive. Yeah I saw the piece about the fact that there are no gay people in nigeria and the one gay woman he found was pregnant....lololol

    @uzezi - my dear, long time no see!!! yeah, his remarks were quite unbelievable.

    @Moody Crab - the guy is quite intelligent - when it comes to the command of the English language, but when you actually parse down what he says - it all boils down to nothing. unless when you get soundbites such as this that make you wonder why he's still representing Nigeria.

  1. What else do u expect from a government that was imposed on the Nigerian people?


  1. His look in this picture says it all. I expect better things from our government honestly at least I stand to be disappointed for once - that's if they do what is right

  1. SOLOMONSYDELLE said...:

    Ah, Ojo Maduekwe or is Madueke? Everytime I read something from this gentleman, I wonder about Nigeria. I realize that for all the intentions, Nigeria's 'leaders' just don't get it and do not fully understand the world we live in today. I think they may be in a bubble - a result of their position and socioeconomic status.

  1. tobenna said...:

    I'm wary of insulting our leaders these days.
    Surely, they should have most of the facts if not all and must have a reason for communicating whatever they communicate. Probably in the name of national interest.
    All of this is bullshit, I know.

  1. pam said...:

    di man is beyond vexing.
    i have written about it myself. And my fave comment recommended he stick to silenty riding bicycles.

  1. I hate and love this guy...don't know why

  1. ...wow!...and this bobo had the nerve to follow the lead of the iranian president in claiming that no gays existed in nigeria?!...na wa...