nigerians talk....let's listen

nigerians are talking....all the time. and i'm not just talking (haha) about everyday conversation or mindless chatter (like that of our esteemed parrot of the House, Patrick Obahiagbon). rather, the Nigerian blogosphere is blowing up and new bloggers are being added to our ranks daily.

in honor of Nigerian bloggers and to promote both veterans and newbies, Loomnie and I started is basically like a blog-round up for, about and by Nigerians. Every Monday, starting next week, we will post a review of the hottest news from bloggers such as yourself (and ehemm, myself)...on occasion we'll have blogging tips, interviews with famed nigerian bloggers (cough...SSD...cough) and other really interesting things - once we think of them.

so when you are chanced, check out the website...and if you are interested in becoming a reviewer....even better...

A bit about (sorry could not figure out how to do that block quote thing that loomnie had on his site...but anyway...):

NigeriansTalk is a weekly review of posts written by bloggers of Nigerian extraction, bloggers living in Nigeria and bloggers who blog about Nigeria. NigeriansTalk seeks to cover the wide spectrum of perspectives on various social, political, and personal issues, issues that affect Nigerians at home and abroad. We hope that through our collective voices, we will bring about the future we seek for our country.

now back to our regularly scheduled program...


  1. This is awesome. I like this project. I will keep in touch with the blog. Well done

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  1. Ore said...:

    This is great, Nneoma. It sounds like a lot of work. I'll definitely be following it.