i'm excited about....

well, i've been meaning to blog about two recent discoveries that I have been all over as of recent. I couldn't choose between the two, so i decided to post both here.

Celebrating Ndi-Igbo: Acclaiming People of Igbo Descent

I am so on this blog...literally a daily post on big things members of the Igbo Diaspora have accomplished both past and present. Kudos to Ababoy for this initiative.

This guy has been in my head for the longest ever since I picked up his 2009 CD, Troubadour. I thought this CD was incredible, with tracks like Wavin' Flag and Take a Minute, until I checked out his earlier CD, The Dusty Foot Philosopher - a more reflective, somber version of K'Naan.

Excited about Mogadishu and Ndi Igbo.....but as for what I am not excited about....

my zune which decided to die on me like a month after i got it....i guess it's back to Apple (i tried, Bill Gates, i tried....)


  1. Is Abba Boy back? I'll be back in a moment...off to his blog

  1. Jaycee said...:

    Oooh...sorry bout ur zune. Off to check out Aba boy's initiative...:)

  1. SOLOMONSYDELLE said...:

    I've known about Knaan for a couple years. It is exciting to see an African artist shine internationally. Good luck to him.

    Will check out Ndi Igbo and actually should let Sugabelly know about it as well...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    hi I have a zune and the same thing sort of happened to me. It's not dead yet, try getting a different charger, I now have a wall charger. I got a set - wall charger, car charger and the usb cable for like 7.99 from amazon.
    Don't give up on the zune just yet!

  1. Dabizniz said...:

    Microsoft rocks lol
    Seen the celebrating ndi igbo site. Still feel we need to do more though.

    Will check out K'naan at some point

    Nice post

  1. ...its been sooo long since i've been here!...nice to remember why i always liked your blog...i kept hearing abaout k'naan guy but didn't realize he was african...didn't pay much attention...i will now, on your advice...*runs off to try and get the cd.*...

  1. joicee said...:

    I love that Ndi-igbo blog.. I did not it was Ababoy behind ...good one

  1. joicee said...:

    I love that Ndi-igbo blog...I didnt know that it was Ababoy behind it....good one

  1. Omo Oba said...:

    dude. updates abeg. ANC is in the lead, as expected. shivers for zuma man.

  1. ms.iee said...:

    Hey! I am going to have to check out the Ndi Igbo blog! I am always looking for Nigerian blogs to support. Good Look, hun...

  1. C. Ezeh said...:

    Pyoo wata - Thanks for the plug and support. Thanks a lot. Pls if u have any names....lemme know @ chikere@gmail.com

    Aba Boy - celebrating ndi-igbo