couldn't let this one get away

seems like everyone has been talking about Yar'adua's offer of amnesty (...white flag of surrender, perhaps?...) to Niger Delta combatants (freedom fighters, thugs, what-have-you).

all well and good...

now, maybe he can focus on the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of ordinary Nigerians anxiously awaiting trial in the hell holes known as the Nigerian prison system.

sorry, couldn't let this one slide. And thanks to all those who have commented in the past and asked after me. Will get to your emails soon. As to whether I have returned to the blogosphere...we'll see what is in store for the future.


  1. N.I.M.M.O said...:

    Like most gestures by this government, this move is seen by many to be a smokescreen.

    Why is it coming so soon on the heels of the recent activities of the JTF in the Niger Delta after years of inactivity?

    So that it would look like the FG had the upper hand in the conflict and therefore in a position to grant an amnesty!

    About the Prisons, I will advise you not to hold your breath, it ain't happening. Not anytime soon.

  1. nneoma said...:

    thanks NIMMO for your comments. I am aware that many Niger Delta combatants are wary of recent offer of amnesty and understandably so. Despite the international attention on this move by Yar'adua, I personally think it is very much possible for the Nigerian government or its military to renig on its promises. Additionally, I don't think that Yar'adua has done much to assuage these doubts either.

    As for the prisons, like I said, i couldn't hold the thought to myself. I know its not happening any time soon. For human rights/justice to be addressed in Nigeria, it seems like you either need to have descended from a well-to-do family (see Uzoma Okere) or garner a significant amount of Western sympathies...(see Amina Lawal)

  1. why is it so hard to make a change?
    I am sick of all these failures of our government.

    How have you being?