Moving on...

I am sure that many of you have noticed that I have been blogging rather infrequently these days. After almost three years of pyoo wata, I have decided to retire from this blog.
I'm not retiring from blogging entirely. is very much active (and always looking for more contributors). Also, I will soon be opening up a formerly private blog, which features more of my current interests interests in health and disease - maka แปria na ahu ike. It's a bit lifeless, but hope to inject some pyoo wata spunk to it. Originally, MONAI served as place where I occassionally posted info I thought might be helpful in the future - but I figured that someone else might find it useful. So for now, I will be posting there regularly. Remember, I can still be found on twitter as pyoowata.

I am very appreciative of those who continued visit, despite my epileptic posting schedule at pyoo wata. For those who left comments and sent emails and responded to mine, I learned so much from you all over the past few years, months. Love you all...sort of.


  1. trae_z said...:

    1) a blog is like wine, gets better/greater value as it grows older.

    2) aggregated content is more powerful, than a thought here and there. united we stand ish.

    all the best.

  1. Don Thieme said...:

    I can understand the need to consolidate one's energy. It seems that you must have a very busy schedule as it is. I look forward to your posts on Nigerians Talk.

  1. KG said...:

    :( Enjoyed the ride though it was short ;-)

  1. Ore said...:

    Sorry to hear that this blog is coming to an end, but our priorities change.

    All the best!!!!!!!