In Praise of (Naija) Pop

Chimamanda Adichie comments on a growing sense of Nigerio-centricity that has recently infused itself into several sectors of Nigeria media. Of note, she highlights, is the home-grown hip-hop sector, which is now "mainstream cool" and reflects "...a newly energized self-image that young Nigerians have of themselves."

Looking inward for inspiration, long gone are the days of the 90s and early 2000s where some Nigerian artists merely aped the beats (and sometimes hooks and lyrics) of their American or Caribbean counterparts. Today's Nigerian pop music scene is fresh, original, and fiercely pro-Nigerian (though, at times, critical of it's current state of affairs).

Hat tip to AfricaIsACountry re the Adichie article. Though, I'm not to crazy about the Banky W reference. He's cute and all, but not a big fan of his so-called remixes, which in essence borrows the hooks of others. I gave him a pass on Ebute Metta...but his Naija version of K'Naan's Wavin' Flag...was just about one remix too much. For someone with such a commitment to the rule of law, the copying...I mean...remixing of another artist's creation should not feature as a regular career move.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Banky did not copy the waving flag song... They (Him, ElDee and M.I.) were licensed by coca cola to do a naija version of the song... So waving flag is the original world cup song and different countries now "remix" it... So they get a license from coca cola before they are able to do their own version it just so happen that he was the one contacted to with the naija version... I understand Ebute metta but he has done good songs after that and this one is not him remixing the song, he was asked to do it for that occasion.

  1. nne said...:

    I stand corrected then...thanks.