ana enwe obodo enwe...

first a hearty congratulation is in order for the Obama victory last night. Hope all are fired up and ready to go.

i know this is more of a continuation of my last post, but it seems that many are also of the opinion that Nigerian politics is inherently corrupt - very much unlike American politics. However, as the the Democratic primaries dragged on (and continue to do so, apparently...), I can't help but find parallels between this race and the Abia state gubernatorial contest, which a year plus after the last votes had been cast, continues to go forward. Hmmmm, I thought it was "only in Nigeria," where one can take challenge the results of an election in the courts or so-called Rules and By-laws committees.

After Chief T.A. Orji of the Progressive People's Alliance (PPA) had been declared governor in Abia state, the Election Petition Tribunal wanted to nullify his victory on the grounds of ties to the infamous Okija shrine. Apparently, there is a video on youtube (which looks like a fake to me) of one of his excursions to the shrine. Sounds like Obama detractors took a page out of Onyema Ugochukwu's (PDP) play book with the youtube videos of the fiery Jeremiah Wright sermons. Does anyone know whether Orji has adequately "denounced and repudiated" his associations with the controversial cult....I'm a bit out of the loop?

While Obama detractors borrow (or is that plagiarize....remember the Deval Patrick debacle?) material from the PDP campaign, Ugochukwu has been caught borrowing material from the Democratic National Committee, stating that like McCain, Orji will serve as the "third term" of the failed incumbent (Bush, Orji Uzor Kalu).

At last check, T.A. Orji remains Abia state governor and Obama Democratic party leader. Both have that "...winning personal touch," which they use in "...courting people...." While Ugochukwu and Clinton are "distant and cannot seem able to rally the party...behind [their] efforts to achieve [their] ultimate goal." (quotables from this Vanguard article).

Personally, I can see how people might come to the conclusion that both Ugochukwu and Clinton might feel a sense of entitlement to the Abia state governorship or Democratic candidacy. That may explain why they just can't let go....just can't bow out (concede) gracefullyI mean, who is PPA? PDP is king regardless of where you go in Nigeria. And who is Barack Obama? Hillary is a Clinton...a CLINTON...afterall. I guess Oliver de Coque's mantra "ana enwe obodo enwe" (there are people that own this land) is a dying concept. (though, technically in the case of T.A. Orji, there is evidence of be honest).

Please note, people, that most of these comments are made in jest and with a heavy dose of sarcasm.........we all need a little fun after quite the torturous primary season. I respect both the Clinton and Onyema Ugochukwu candidacies...way back when there was a time I was pro-Hillary. And still, there is a selfish part of me that wanted Onyema to win because he would be more likely to develop my side of Umuahia....


  1. Parakeet said...:

    Firrrrrrrrrst...sorry for sidelining your post o but that song got me hooked. Thanks for that...I love Oliver, God please bring Osadebe back!

  1. ...wonderfully written!!...i loved the sarcasm and agreed!...well done madam nneoma...well done...

  1. Loving the highlife and the post. Thought the comparism was funny. BBC also had a post of that Orji pics on their site. Thought that was ?????????
    I stopped following naija politics jare, e tire me.
    I havent sent you that email, I know,but I will.

  1. trae_z said...:

    yeah got that song off one queer corner of the net into my lappy's play list. back to my roots ish, nice song.

    ana enwe obodo enwe...all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

  1. Standtall said...:

    Hmmmmmmmmmm, I think Hillary Clinton is eventually doing the right thing backing Obama

  1. anonymaus said...:

    Why Nigerians are so interested in Barack Obama?

    I'd like to say it is good that someone from a minority group (in this case African Americans) in the US can rise to such a position. Congratulations to him and his team.

    Obama doesn't have much time for Nigeria, when asked about it he quipped "Nigeria is a country waiting to break up", and moved swiftly on to something else. Little did he realise that is very own beloved, native Kenya cruised very close to dissolving (into insignificant weak mini-states).

    Despite that I wish him the all the very best in his quest to become the President of the United State of America. Maybe in the event of him becoming president, he may reconsider his hasty opinion of the land and it's people.

  1. SOLOMONSYDELLE said...:

    oliver de coque.

    Haven't seen that face in a long time.

  1. Anonymous said...:

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  1. nneoma said...:

    @parakeet formerly known as Ollay - in peace Osadebe. To be honest, between the two, I cannot choose a favorite - each has their own unique style.

    @gnigeriana - thanks...though i think i was half asleep when i wrote it because when i went back to read it, I was like, "WTH"

    @for the love of me - my dear, considering your condition, you should take your time with the email - no rush

    @trae_z - i still have the cassette tape with that song from waaaay back when...taking it old school

  1. nneoma said...:

    @standtall - you're right, she is - but it is not like she had any choice in the matter. As much as I like Obama, I kind of feel sorry for her - she tried everything - the kitchen sink - and yet this. Well, I think for her, there is definitely a next time

    @anonymaus - well, i have never heard that before, but please if you can, send me more info about it. though, the only time i know of in which Obama referenced Nigeria was a while back in regards to Obasanjo protecting Charles Taylor, thereby flouting international will. Personally, I do not mind, as long as when he is president, he too, adhere to international will as well.

    @SSD - yep, he's getting up there in age.

    @pink-satin - i don't sing....seriously....but i will be watching out for blogville idol

  1. anonymaus said...:

    Nneoma, sorry I can't find where I got the quote from it was from a news program. I can't remember which one, but I did remember what was said and was a little peeved by Obama's comment on Nigeria.

  1. nneoma said...:

    @anonymaus - understandable. Personally, i go with the principle, innocent until proven guilty....