some "quirky" things

I've been both Loomnie and Standtall. I'm trying to attempt to blog at least once a week, maybe twice - so I think I am doing well so far....maybe. So as for six quirky...or maybe not so quirky...things...

1. I like to dance....alot. I'm not so good at it, but I enjoy it incredibly. I can't stand most of the R&B/hip-hop out there because of the lyrics (except for the Southern-style crunk, because I don't understand most of what they're saying anyway - and it's strictly meant for dancing). Why is this quirky? Two reasons A. Because most people I come in contact with think otherwise. I'm quite shy - but when it comes to dancing, I get a little ahead of myself. B. "Old school" music is what gets me jumping - put together tracks from Osadebe, de Coque, Oriental Brothers, Bright - and I'm so there. I enjoy the occasional soukous, but oldies are the goodies.

2. I've spent the past ten years of my life looking for a good planner (calendar, agenda book etc.). And haven't found it. I don't think I'll ever find one that will carry me for more than two months. I get bored very quickly and I am easily titillated by the search for a new planner/calendar (when I probably have more that enough in my possession).

3. Sleep is like my drug. There is no problem a 2-hour nap cannot assuage. I just feel sooooo much better after a good nap. Also, I never understood how some people find it difficult to fall a sleep - either because of stress, worries, or being uncomfortable. I have found that some of my best naps have taken place on the floor of the school library hours before a final exam or assignment. Pillows and blankets, purely optional.

4. When I was younger (around age 5-6), I used to think that some Caucasian women with a flat bum (behind, butt, ikebe, etc.) used to purposely wear cardboard paper in their undies. For the longest time, I itched to ask my first-grade teacher why on earth she would put cardboard in her pants. Fortunately, I was a good child and avoided the potential spanking I would receive at school and at home (I spent some of my elementary, that is primary, school years in rural North Carolina, where they still spanked unruly kids...this was in the early nineties....I think they have since abandoned corporal punishment in all North Carolinian public schools...correct me if I'm wrong....and of course, whenever my brothers and I got in trouble at school, we would receive even worse measure at home....but I think my parents' probably would have laughed over the situation....though privately and most likely after I received my beating....)

5. I get cold very easily - which is strange, because I have spent the majority of my life in a cold climate. I hate air conditioners because they are always too cold. I think the wind messes up perfectly warm days. I am the only one not looking for shade, even amongst my fellow Nigerians in Nigeria - and for the few times I was in Naija during the dry season, I felt so much at ease. I'm not terribly afraid of getting darker or sweating. I am usually the one wearing a jacket in the classroom or wearing long-sleeves in the summer (sometimes, summer fashion is sometimes lovelier than than of winter wear...sometimes). I think I seriously need to get this checked out.

6. I'd do anything for some roasted corn and ube (pear), right now, anything....uhhh, almost....well, it me - and we can figure out the details of the exchange. lol.

I tag the following people (who've probably been tagged like twice before)....Trae_Z, theAfroBeat, SolomonSydelle, Oracle, BacktoNaija, and Pink-Satin.

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    lol...cardboard in their panties...LMAO

    oh no!u tagged me..pls can i not be tagged-LOL

  1. pamela said...:


    too much imagination and time as a kid....

    wow - oliver passed away.

  1. Standtall said...:

    1. I like to dance too. Come and see my funny and perfect moves (lol)
    2. Quit searching just invent something that would work for you by you
    3. I am still laughing. On the floor of the library? Na only u dey there?
    4.Cardboard in thier panties (lmao)
    5.Hmm I think I get cold easily too. I wonder how I will cope if I am to live in USA.
    6. I will try and eat corn and ube on your behalf next week (lol)

  1. LOL@ cardboard in the panties...
    I envy you-being able to sleep at will. Unfortunately, I think I inherited my mum's insomnia

  1. TheAfroBeat said...:

    aaah, you tagged me!! but why now?! well, i will get to it in good time. Congrats on med school!! that's great!! where are you going? I know from friends how tough the whole process is so congrats again!!

    i FEEL you on the sleep thing. Absolutely nothing a nap can't fix (or at least make feel better). Have a great week!

  1. Completely agree with your number two, still haven't found a planner that suits me yet! And the cardboard in their pants...LMAO!

  1. got into med school?! (based on afrobeat's comment)...congrats!!!!...that is no easy feat...i salute you madam!!!...

    ...interesting quirks indeed...i feel you on sleeping anywhere...comfort optional...i get cold easily too...the cardboard in panties is simply funny...i love children for the type of things their lil minds can conjure up...i enjoyed this post...and thanks for not tagging me...

  1. Carlang said...:

    Corn and Ube?
    I know a guy....

  1. nneoma said...:

    @pink-satin - seriously. okay, i untag you...i figured that most have already been tagged recently.

    @pamela - maybe...
    yes, he passed. he will be missed

    1. yes, i think mine are more funny than perfect.
    2. i took your advice....i'll let you know in two months time if i am still using it
    3. i dont waste time in taking a nap. funny enough, after a while, other people started joining me and we'd serve as each others alarm clocks
    4. buy a heavy jacket and never let go, that is how i cope
    5. i dont know how i came to that conclusion
    6. not cool...

    @nigeriandramaqueen - that is too bad. my mom tends to be a bit of an insomniac too when she is worried about something. my dad, brothers, and i are the EXACT opposite.

    @theafrobeat - thanks and can't wait for your responses! send me an email sometime nnwachuku at gmail dot com

    @everyone love a naija gal - i knew i was not the only one

    @gnigeriana - thanks! and no problem

    @carlang - hmmmmm....

  1. Standtall said...:

    Hun? Not cool? Okay, how do we get ube and corn across to u mi-lady?

  1. nneoma said...:

    @standtall - dont worry about the is the ube i am looking for now. what you can do, is anytime you travel, wrap some in some old newspaper and hide it in between clothing. customs will never see it coming........