a great iroko tree has fallen...

The passing of Chief Oliver Akanite (1947-2008) also known widely as Oliver de Coque closes a legendary chapter in modern Igbo music. He will be greatly greatly missed.


  1. Parakeet said...:

    What a shame! Why are they dying, the legends. First Okosun, now him. I really enjoy his music! RIP

  1. trae_z said...:

    strange, we were making reference to the guy some weeks/posts back. RIP man.

  1. TheAfroBeat said...:

    Thanks for sharing...don't think i've heard his name before, but I'm pretty sure i must have heard his music without knowing who the artist was. May his soul rest in peace.

    How've you been? Howz school?

  1. ...hmmnnn...*hanging my head because i am not familiar with him*...need to go listen to his music now...sad indeed...

  1. SOLOMONSYDELLE said...:

    I think I found out about this at Nollywood Watch yesterday. What a shame. May his soul rest in peace. His family and friends must be in so much pain right now. May God grant them strength.

  1. SOLOMONSYDELLE said...:

    hey, why haven't we seen you at Nigerian Curiosity? Everything okay?

  1. Standtall said...:

    So many death of famous people these days. May his soul rest in peace

  1. nneoma said...:

    @parakeet - yes, all the greats are leaving us.

    @trae_z - I know, isn't it a coincidence.

    @theafrobeat - long time, I'm fine. On vacation now, graduated in May and will be starting med school in August. So I'm trying to get as much sleep as I can now
    ...yes, maybe you have heard his music before....though, I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. The only non-Igbo Nigerian old school muscians I know of are Kuti, Ade, and Uwaifo...limited.

    @SSD - Amen oooo. I'm good. Like I mentioned on your blog, I have been a bit erratic with my blogging. I'm *trying* to get into a system

    @standtall - yes, rest in perfect peace

    @Gnigeriana - no need to feel bad about it. He's a bit old school.

  1. tankojjetty said...:

    he definately will be missed...